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Common terminal connection line parameters

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  1、What is a terminal wire

  The common terminal connecting wire,also known as flexible flat cable(FFC),can arbitrarily select the number and spacing of wires to make wiring more convenient,greatly reduce the volume of electronic products,reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.It is most suitable for data transmission cable between mobile parts and mainboard,between PCB board and PCB board,and in small electrical equipment.

  2、Application of terminal connecting line

  The terminal is used for the connection between printer print head and main board,signal transmission and board connection of plotter,scanner,copier,audio,LCD,fax machine,all kinds of DVD player and other products.

  3、Model of terminal connecting wire

  Type A:both ends are connected and the reinforcing plate is pasted on the insulating tape;

  Type B:the reinforcing plate is cross pasted on the insulating tape directly;

  Type C:the reinforcing plates at both ends are directly pasted on the conductor;

  Type D:the reinforcing plates at both ends are cross pasted on the conductor directly;

  Type E:one end of the reinforcing plate is pasted on the insulating tape,and the other end is directly soldered;

  Type F:the reinforcing plates at both ends are directly pasted on the insulating adhesive paper,and the internal half is peeled off;

  Type G:solder both ends directly.

  4、Technical parameters of terminal connecting wire

  Conductor number n:the number of copper conductors in the row wire;

  Distance P:the distance between the center lines of two adjacent conductors;

  Edge distance M:the distance between the center line of the outermost conductor and the edge of the row line:

  Full spacing TP:the distance between the centerlines of the two outermost conductors,TP=P*(n-1);

  Total width W:the distance between the two edges of the cable,w=P*(n+1);

  Total length TL:the distance between the two ends of the cable;

  Insertion thickness TT:the thickness of the two connecting ends of the flat wire.

  5、Application range of terminal connecting wire

  Tax control computer,set top box,printer,refrigerator,air conditioner,camera,electronic piano,piano,computer,camera,monitor,TV,MP4,telephone,power amplifier,visual doorbell,touch screen,automobile and various security products,digital products and electronic products.

  6、Top 10 features of the product

  1.Pure copper 24K gold-plated plug and super shielded non-magnetic terminal are used to reduce contact impedance and signal attenuation.

  2.High quality PVC sheath,with wear resistance,acid and alkali resistance,environmental protection,long service life,etc.

  3.Physical foamed PE is used for insulation to effectively improve the insulation impedance.

  4.The conductor is made of high purity 4N oxygen free copper(OFC)to reduce signal transmission attenuation and high transmission rate.

  5.The conductor adopts American Standard 28Awg stranded tinned copper and independent shielding structure of three primary color signal line to reduce interference and ensure high-speed data transmission.

  6.The metal shell is effectively shielded to protect the plug connection from external electromagnetic interference.

  Structure design of 7.75 ohm coaxial cable

  8.The truly shocking digital output effect of the display makes you have a large screen display immediately!

  9.High fidelity audio effect,can be connected to the power amplifier to experience the feeling of super shock.Can also be equipped with 5.1 channel audio cable,let you really immerse yourself!

  10.Whether it's watching movies or playing games on TV,the smooth pictures and super large visual feeling are incomparable to computer monitors.

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