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The technology of connecting wire is developing rapidly

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High end connector technology is developing rapidly
China's connecting lines are mainly medium and low-end, and the proportion of high-end connecting lines is still low, but the demand is growing rapidly. In the field of high-end connection line, computers and peripheral equipment occupy the largest market share, and the automobile and medical equipment connection line market also occupy a high share. In China, the market share of automobile connection line accounts for about 20%. However, the rapid popularization of 3G mobile phones makes the demand for high-end connection lines grow rapidly. At present, the foot distance of connecting lines used by 3G mobile phones is only 0.3mm.
With the development of mobile products led by mobile phones to miniaturization, thinness and high performance, the connection between display components and substrate becomes more complex. In this context, the demand for narrow spacing, low back and multi polarization of substrate to substrate connection line and FPC connection line is more urgent, especially the ultra-low back requirement of mobile phone is more and more urgent. In order to realize the low back, narrow space, miniaturization, multi polarization and high reliability of products, many manufacturers have used simulation technology for in-depth research and development.
With the high-speed trend of civil products, communications, computers, measuring instruments and other products, the development of connecting line technology for high-speed transmission has also made progress. The demand for digital interface cable used in flat panel TV, DVD recorder, STB and other products is more urgent. In the past, many cable manufacturers active in the industrial machinery market are eager to enter this new field, and the competition for new product development is increasingly fierce. The development of HDMI cable is becoming more and more active. The D terminal connecting digital broadcasting, television and STB can play high-definition video format "D3" and high-value-added terminals such as "D4" used in digital broadcasting. All manufacturers plan to expand their product structure.
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