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How to process common terminal connecting wire?

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  The terminal connection line is a common signal transmission line in the equipment.Without the terminal connection line,the equipment will not work.As the terminal connection line is so important,how to control the inspection process of the terminal connection line in the wiring harness processing plant?So next,Hong Yikun Electronics will give you a brief introduction.

  1、Production preparation

  Check whether the material line type,wire number,supplier,color and wire length of the terminal connection line are consistent with the drawings and customer requirements,and place the products to be inspected in the designated position and put them in order.

  2、End inspection

  Use magnifying glass to inspect the crimped products,conduct 100%full inspection on the appearance quality of terminal crimping,and isolate the defective products in time.The full inspection items are as follows:

  1.Front foot of terminal:the conductor can be seen from the top of the terminal;the insulating material must pass through the insulating pipe;the transition part should not be damaged;the core wire must be completely covered,that is,fully pressed;There should be no gap in the terminal tube,and there should be no burr in the conductor tube;the insulation layer and core wire between the conductor pipe and the insulating pipe must be visible;the core wire must extend to 0.5mm~1.0mm away from the front end of bell shaped inlet bushing;the core wire should not protrude or fly;the insulation layer must extend to the conductor pressing part and the center of the insulator pressing part close to the conductor crimping position.

  2.Terminal back foot:the insulating tube should be covered with insulating layer.The conductor should not be wrapped too tightly to prevent the core wire from being damaged and wrapped into 1/3~1/2 of the insulation layer.

  3.Terminal functional area:whether the terminal functional area changes and whether there is bending deformation;the bending thickness and tolerance shall be within the specification value of the connector manufacturer;if no tolerance is specified,the specification value shall be±0.05mm;the length of the section shall be 0.1~0.5mm,however,the appropriate length must be determined according to the actual length of the connecting end;the bending,twisting and winding must be within the customer's permission.

  4.Place the product in the designated position.

  3、Refer to drawing requirements for tensile strength test

  4、Pack and place both ends of wire in the specified container

  1.Do not load more or less.

  2.Don't install it wrong.

  3.Do not mislabel.

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